Upcycle Waste into Hydrogen

Our patented HyBrTec process produces hydrogen from the elimination of wet organic and plastic wastes

Our Mission

Chemergy builds solutions to solve our environmental and energy challenges. We are commercializing HyBrTec to convert wet organic and plastic wastes into green hydrogen. Thereby eliminating the environmental and economic consequences of the waste by converting it into a clean future-proof fuel.

Problems We Solve

Waste Elimination

Biosolids are an increasing burden to communities and Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) which pay significantly for disposal. Awareness of metals, pathogens and persistent chemicals in biosolids increases pressure on finding safe uses for this material. Other wastes are a recurring disposal cost to municipal solid waste sites, confined area feeding operations and agricultural interests.

Decarbonize Energy

Concerns over climate change and energy security are driving a shift to carbon neutral energy sourced form local resources. Hydrogen is a promising clean fuel, but green hydrogen requires advances to reduce its production cost and make it available in a distributed manner to accelerate its use.

Resilient Electric Grid

Adoption of intermittent wind and solar causes supply variability that requires back up with flexible generation, energy storage and active demand side management to ensure the grid is balanced. Critical infrastructure also requires a reliable backup power supply that is now met with diesel generators.

Our Solution

Convert negative-value organic and plastic wastes into green hydrogen

Green Hydrogen

Convert wastes into


HyBrTec converts negative-value organic and plastic wastes into green hydrogen using our proprietary technology. We process any wet carbonaceous waste including: biosolids, dirty plastics, municipal solid waste, manure, forestry/agricultural residuals, and other carbon-based materials.

Competitive Economics

Less expensive than

fossil hydrogen

HyBrTec uses 40% the electricity of water electrolysis which allows our system to produce 2.5x the hydrogen from the same electricity. HyBrTec is expected to provide a Return on Asset of 25-40% depending on specific installation, market conditions and feedstock, but this is only the beginning.

Distributed Solution

Reduces transport costs

and environmental impact

HyBrTec is a visionary platform for the energy macroeconomy that can be installed where the waste is located to reduce transport costs and environmental impact. Electrical energy storage can be integrated in future iterations of the process to support renewable generation, provide load leveling, and meet backup power requirements of critical facilities.

Future Proof

Integral to sustainable

circular economy

Developing cities that lack conventional WWTP infrastructure will install community scale HyBrTec systems to meet their waste treatment, hydrogen fuel and energy storage needs while being resilient and adaptable to a changing climate.

Our Plan

We are now demonstrating our process to validate performance and prepare for manufacturing. Chemergy will own and operate its equipment “over-the-fence” to capture the added value of its process and avoid lengthy acquisition procedures.

Performance Validation
Pre-commercial Prototype
Beta System Rollout

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